Brown/Carr Cemetery

Belvedere Development

Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center

Miller Park

Tobacco Heritage Trail
Multi-jurisdiction Greenway

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First conceived in 2002, this "rails-to-rails" initiative plans to incorporate some 100 miles of abandoned rail-beds into a long-distance network of non-motorized greenways spanning five Southside Virginia counties. Rivanna Archaeology serves as historical consultant on a multi-disciplinary team tasked with development of an integrated trail Master Plan and the construction of selected representative sections. Rivanna Archaeology is responsible for preparing a cultural landscape history of the region, the creation of a GIS database of historical resources, and identification of potential interpretative themes. As required Rivanna Archaeology will conduct field investigations in advance of construction.

Out of more than 600 recorded historic resources located within one-quarter mile of the proposed route, Rivanna Archaeology has identified 271 sites of particular historic significance, interpretative value, or that are vulnerable to construction impacts. These resources encompass a diversity of pre-historic and historic archaeological sites, standing structures, cultural landscapes and historic districts that embody one or more important aspects of this regions unique history.