Company Profile

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Rivanna Archaeology is owned and managed by Ben Ford and Steve Thompson, both PhD graduates of the University of Virginia. Our company provides quality historical, landscape and archaeological consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout central Virginia and beyond. Since it�s formation in 1999, Rivanna Archaeology has served as consulting archaeologist or landscape historian on a number of prominent and nationally recognized properties in Virginia and throughout the United States including Mount Vernon, Jamestown Island, the University of Virginia, and the Grand Canyon.

From our roots in the study of history and archaeology, we appreciate the unique value of archaeological, architectural and cultural landscape resources. Each archaeological site or landscape represents an irreplaceable opportunity to enhance our understanding of the past. The significance of these resources may only be assessed through archaeological investigations and analysis, conducted by experienced professionals.

We believe that it is possible to balance the needs of both preservation and development and we use our experience, energy and ingenuity to provide practical solutions that work for all.

Rivanna Archaeological Services is committed to providing a safe and rewarding work environment for its employees and encourages career development through education, conference attendance and the acquisition of new skills. As an active member of our community, Rivanna Archaeology is committed to the public education and the dissemination of knowledge through the building of positive relationships with businesses, private organizations, individuals and local government.