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As places of remembrance and repositories of ancestral information, cemeteries constitute a distinct type of cultural resource uniquely valued by society and protected by specific legislation. Many smaller burial grounds have never been officially recorded and often leave little visible evidence of their presence. Even for known cemeteries, the passage of time can obscure original boundaries and the precise location of individual burials.

Rivanna Archaeology has considerable experience in the identification, documentation and preservation of historic cemeteries through archival research and well-established archaeological field methods. We work with families, history groups, genealogical societies, and others tailoring our services to meet the objectives of the client. We provide cemetery delineation services to municipal planners and the private development community for whom the unanticipated discovery of burials in the course of construction can lead to costly delays.
  • Archival Research
  • Burial Identification
  • Boundary Determination
  • Documentation
  • Interpretation